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8 Ways to Hack Your Sleep for Health and Rest

8 Ways to Hack Your Sleep for Health and Rest
  1. Eat Healthy & maintain exercise routine.
  2. Track your sleep quality
  3. Avoid Electronics - Silence your cell phones, tablets and turn off your television so nothing can disrupt your sleep.
  4. Don’t exercise near bedtime - Highly energizing exercises will not allow your body to wind down for bed time.
  5. Don’t drink coffee past the afternoon - Try your best to avoid caffeine related products after 2pm to protect your ability to fall asleep.
  6. Turn down the lights - Sleeping in complete darkness is the best.
  7. De-stress - Try practicing yoga or meditation to help focus on your deep breathing. This will help balance your body, mentally and emotionally.
  8. Wake up at the top of the sleep cycle - The SleepCycle app can act as an alarm clock and you’ll wake up at the right time for your internal clock!