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“GuruNanda you are a yogi, hopefully you will sell Pure Oils as a spiritual person!! why are your EO's cheaper than a MLM company. Are they organic? Do you pay your farmers enough?”

Guru’s Response

Not only am I a Yogi following the principals of morality and Yoga, but I am knowledgeable about essential oils. I have spent valuable time traveling around the world, to all of the field whiles forming farmers alliances.

I have spent much time and money to test every single oil, prior to purchasing. 

I have made a few mistakes and have learnt the ways people use to trick you into selling you fake oils. 

I have a very strong business background ( E&Y EOY 2011 ) of running a successful business before. I have a science background. I have several inventions at USPTO over the years in medical field.

I am not just a Yogi buying and selling oils, but my business model is different from MLM companies. I don't have to pay members. I work on wafer thin margins. I pay full price to farmers, maybe more than MLM companies as they can buy bigger lots. I help farming communities on the ground. We have an employment program in place for oppressed women.

I use steam distillation method with mobile distillation units at farm level itself. "Organic" becomes a lot less relevant in steam distillation process. I wouldn't pay 2 times the price for a certificate. It's not food, it's steam distilled oil. Please understand the chemistry. The steam evaporates the essence of the plant and converts it into Oil and water during cooling process.

Most companies don't know oils when they sell them, at one point I was also unaware of so many adulterators that exist in this business hence I went to farms direct to avoid the culprits.

Unfortunately 60-70% of the EO's are fake in USA. Not necessarily because the selling companies want to sell fake but because there is a trend where several companies go and see what's the best sellers on Amazon website and they go to alibaba.com or one of those websites and bring the product and sell it without knowledge, experience and testing.

My pledge is to bring you the real product from Source at a very sustainable margin to our company. If I can't get it to source I won't sell it.

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  • Thank you for sharing this answer with your consumers and potential consumers. I appreciate your openness and honesty. About a year back I was given the opportunity to test out a diffuser and oils by your company. This was my first experience with a diffuser; at the time I was getting serious migraines from other scented products I was using to freshen my home. I had begun researching the benefits of EO’s and was very interested in trying them. I was so happy and impressed with your product; we still use the diffuser. However, I did get bombarded with people saying that the EO’s were not pure and that I was being misled. Apparently, there is a battle in the sale of EO’s; some companies claim to be the ‘best’. Well, I was very pleased with your product and while using your EO’s I did not experience any migraine headaches. I am excited to learn about your blends and other diffuser models. Thank you GuruNanada!!

    Yvonne on

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