Just breathe is great advice but sometimes it’s harder than we think. Whenever I have a head cold sometimes the hardest thing to do is just breathe! That’s what I love about GuruNanda Just Breathe Essential Oil Blend. It has this incredible combination of the best essential oils that will help me breathe better!

The blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Basil are the perfect combination to help reduce the inflammation in my sinuses when I have a cold or congestion. Just breathe-ing it in is pure relief in just a few seconds! It’s as if the seas have parted!

Historically, Peppermint and Eucalyptus have been used to assist with sinus challenges and Rosemary too! I love the extra-added bonuses of Tea Tree and Basil, which also have been known to boost the immune system by combating unwanted pathogens in the body.

When I have a cold, I like to take Guru Nanda Breathe Easy and apply it directly with some of Guru Nanda Fractionated Coconut Oil right around my nose. In fact I have this handy little tool. I take two to three drops of Breathe Easy in the palms of my hands, rub them together and place them over my nose and mouth and take nice long deep inhales. It is such an instant relief for my stuffy head and nose and it even helps with a dry cough too!

You can also add it to your favorite Guru Nanda Aromatherapy Diffuser! Simply add 10 drops to the water and just let the Breathe Easy permeate your surroundings. It is true bliss! This is also really helpful for seasonal allergies.

If my sinuses get super stuffed up I bring a pot of water to a boil, transfer it to a nice sized bowl, add about 6 drops of Guru Nanda Breathe Easy essential oil to the water, get a nice big bath towel and cover my head as I lean over the bowl and breathe in the steam. This technique can be used for all ages with supervision of course. This steaming technique can also be used in the shower but its less effective as the direct steam coming directly from the bowl.

Guru Nanda Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend is something I like to keep on hand in my medicine cabinet and a great natural way to keep Breathing Easy anytime of the year.

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