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Essential Oils for Colds or Cough

Essential Oils for Colds or Cough

The Right Way of Using Essential Oils as Cold & Cough Remedy.

When using essential oils to get rid of a cold or cough, you can inhale this essential-oil infused steam using the following steps:

  1. In a large bowl, pour in boiling water
  2. Add 7-8 drops of a particular essential oil into the water.
  3. Next, bend over the bowl in a way that there is at least a distance of ten inches between you and it.
  4. Using a towel, cover your head and the bowl both
  5. Inhale the vapors for 1-2 mins
  6. Repeat
  7. You can also inhale the essential oils directly from the bottle. In order to that, sniff them from the bottle or put 2-3 drops on a cotton ball and inhale.
  8. Yet another way involves slipping some drops of the essential oil (or oils) in your bath. Ensure that the water is hot and you add 2-12 drops of the oils after diluting them in 1 tbsp of carrier oil.
  9. Use a diffuser to inhale essential oils. Add a few drops to the diffuser of your choice.

Essential Oil Chest Rub for Cough Relief

    Use any of the following recipes:

      Essential Oils Chest Rub

      What You Will Need   

      How to Proceed

      1. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax in a double boiler.
      2. Allow the mixture to cool down slightly
      3. Next, add the essential oils to the mixture
      4. Once the mixture is completely blended, store in a small glass container.
      5. Use as needed by applying to your chest and the bottoms of feet

      Cough and Congestion Reliever

      This recipe includes three essential oils. Each has its own health benefit that lends to the effectiveness of this balm. The eucalyptus essential oil will help with both congestion and coughing. Thyme, on the other hand, helps the immune system with its powerful antiviral characteristics. Lastly, lavender essential oil battles viruses and bacteria while promoting relaxation.

      What You Will Need

      This balm will help you grab a good night’s sleep because it will lessen congestion and coughing:

      How to Proceed

      1. In a clean, amber colored glass jar, mix all the ingredients.
      2. Before going to bed, rub a teaspoon-size amount on your chest area.
      3. Repeat until congestion goes away or you can breathe easier.

      A cough and congestion can make us irritable and unable to function properly. With the right essential oils, you can get rid of both. The only thing that you should keep in mind is never to use sub-par essential oils when it comes to quality. That is why you should only buy 100% pure and natural oils from GuruNanda!

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