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Guru Nanda vs Doterra

Guru Nanda vs Doterra

At Guru Nanda, we are a community of essential oil lovers whose mission is to raise awareness around the topic of pure essential oils. The truth is, essential oils are not regulated, so we must be wary as consumers. 

We’re tired of the uncertainty, and we know you are too. In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about essential oil companies and what factors to consider. 


Even as a newcomer on the horizon, Guru Nanda has established itself as a safe, 100% pure and natural essential oil company. Doterra has been around for a while so they've developed quite a reputation. We each have qualities that distinguish us, but Guru Nanda is younger. 

Ethical Sourcing

There are very few things more important to Guru Nanda than ethical sourcing. Selecting the right farmers and fields is critical to producing the best oils. Meeting personally with each farm to build an alliance and ensuring only Non-GMO seeds are planted is the only way to guarantee the purity of the final product.

Each plant source was carefully selected based on where it thrives most. Plants are selected based on their heritage and reputation in an effort to distill only the purest and most powerful essential oils.

You can learn all about our Farm to You process here.

Doterra has their own patented Seed to Seal process. Be sure to search “Doterra ethical sourcing” to find out more. 


While most Guru Nanda essential oils sell for under $10, Doterra essential oils sell for several times as much. 

What makes Doterra so expensive is their middlemen process. They work with brokers and partners to source their oils which increases the price. 


Doterra is a multi-level marketing company. An MLM is a system where there is more money to be made from recruiting people than from selling the actual products. The extensive network of Doterra representatives need to be paid.This type of system raises prices on the actual products. 


If you want a 100% pure and natural essential oil you can trust, go with Guru Nanda. We source our oils from around the world and our CEO Puneet Nanda walks the farms and tills the soil. We’ve provided you with some facts about Guru Nanda vs Doterra today, and we hope you feel better informed to make the best choice for you. 

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