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Guru’s Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils

Guru’s Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils

Recently, a young lady from Boston asked:

“Guru, what are your Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils?

You always talk about Oregano Essential Oil as your number one, but never tell us about the other 4!”

-Natasha K.


So, I have decided to post an article for all of you today. Hope this helps —

My Number 1 Favorite Essential Oil - Oregano Oil

Oregano Essential Oil


Yes, my number 1 essential oil is Oregano Oil! This essential oil has changed my life, and I have done a live video on Oregano Essential Oil, and talked about it several times, so I won't go into too much detail here, except to say this oil is a must-have for allergies. You can catch me talking more about Oregano Oil on my facebook live video.

My Number 2 Favorite Essential Oil - Vetiver Oil

My number 2 essential oil is vetiver oil from Indonesia. Vetiver Essential Oil has a woody aroma with some smoky undertones. It is one of the most calming oils out there. It’s has a masculine scent, and that’s probably why it has been used time and time over in some of the most expensive Men’s perfumes all over the world.

My personal routine with Vetiver Oil:

I take a couple drops of Vetiver Oil on my palms and take a deep breathe in thru my nose and open my arms wide and breathe out from my mouth. By the time I repeat it 10 times, I feel my blood pressure has lowered by at least 10 points. I feel a sense of safety. If I am upset or angry, my anger is gone. If I am over worried about a project, I am not so worried anymore. I almost turn into a philosopher. It is just unbelievable.

As I always say, not all fingerprints are the same. Similarly, every oil is not for everyone. Each person has to literally discover themselves through these oils, and see what works for their personality. In less than a month after making the oil available for purchase online and in stores, it sold out!

We sourced some more, and we’re going to relaunch it in time for a Black Friday Sale, so keep a lookout for Vetiver Oil in next few days.

My Number 3 Favorite Essential Oil - German Chamomile Oil

German Chamomile Essential OilMy number 3 favorite essential oil is German Chamomile Oil. German Chamomile Essential Oil has a blue color to it because of the presence of Chamazulene. The Nepalese variety has a green color, but it is similar in usage for Aromatherapy purposes.

My mind races a lot because I am predominantly Vata, which means my body constitution has a lot of air and space as per Ayurveda. So I do a lot of Twist poses in Yoga to reduce my Vata and maintain a balanced dosha. In addition to my yoga practices, I also use German Chamomile Oil because this essential oil is very Earthy and has the ability to put brakes on my racing mind and calm my anxiety. I have a tendency to think forward, into the future. I think about what’s going to happen next or sometimes presume what or how other people will react to me, and if you do the same, you might be Vata-high too. A few of my high achiever friends have similar issues. German Chamomile Oil works best in such cases, or at least it does for me.

Since German Chamomile Oil is very strong, I normally mix it with Lavender Oil, depending on my mood. At Night time, I just inhale it directly from my palm after putting a couple of drops. I don’t diffuse it as it’s a relatively safe oil to put on your palms direct. Most aromatherapists don’t agree but that’s how I feel it is most effective on me. My brain stops traveling at 100 Miles an hour and comes down to about 30 miles an hour. It’s almost magical.

Our German Chamomile Essential Oil is available on our right now. It might not last once Black Friday Sale starts, so I recommend reserving your bottle today by clicking here.

My Number 4 Favorite Essential Oil - Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Essential OilMy Number 4 Favorite Essential Oil Is Jasmine Oil. I love Jasmine purely for its fragrance. I know there are lots of other benefits, but I grew up in India and women used to wear Jasmine Oil in their hair, especially if there was a marriage ceremony and it brings me back to India. To me, wearing Jasmine Essential Oil is like wearing naturally perfume. I feel super fresh and energetic, but also calm and relaxed. I feel at home.

It makes me super happy. It’s my happiness luxury oil. I feel accomplished and have the luxury of using this essential oil on the go anytime I want.

My Number 5 Favorite Essential Oil - Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential OilLast but not least, my number 5 favorite essential oil is Tea Tree Oil. It is hard to keep this list to only 5 essential oils because I use essential oils like Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil in almost everything, but I think Tea Tree Essential Oil is unique in that it safeguards me from germs and infections. And it knows how to do its job right. I pour it into my Shampoo and Body Washes. I use the oil as in my First Aid kit, and for every little ouchie my kids get. Tea Tree Oil is also available on our website here.

Thank you for reading Guru’s Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils, and please, if you have a question for me, please comment below or like my page on facebook, GuruNanda Oil Pulling and Aromatherapy, to stay updated on all things AromaTherapy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.