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What Essential Oils are Good for Studying, Focus, and Concentration?

What Essential Oils are Good for Studying, Focus, and Concentration?

When we lose ourselves in a task, it often becomes something more powerful than simply working.

The feeling of concentration and focus, of “being in the zone” is exhilarating. We have a sense of purpose that can make us lose track of time.

This state of focus also makes us perform with real productivity.  

90% of People Don't Get their Best Ideas at Work 

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However, with so many tasks and responsibilities clamoring for our attention, it can be hard to concentrate on a single one. In fact, most of us spend all our time pulling 9-hour-long shifts at the office.

According to, David Rock, the author of the book, Your Brain at Work, we only manage to truly focus on our work for just 6 hours per week.

The book is based on Rock’s studies on the subject of concentration. It reports that about 90% of people don’t even get their best ideas while at work.

While our work schedules expect us to be at our most productive all the time, studies show that only happens early in the morning or late at night.

Nature has gifted us with the blessing of essential oils. They are extracted from different parts of plants. Each oil has its own unique characteristics, based on the plant that is extracted from and its chemical composition.  

Before we move on to which essential oils can help your concentration, let us start with how they work!

Focus & Essential Oils

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Of all the senses we have, we seem to think the sense of smell is the most underrated one. Yes, it can help you smell your food or the fact that Snooty went potty under the couch. But does it do anything else?

Actually, quite a lot it would seem!

Our sense of smell influences the way we see the world almost as much as our eyes do! It is directly connected to how our brain functions. In fact, it has a big role to play when it comes to the emotions you feel in any situation.

For instance, the odor that enters your nostrils will affect your limbic system, amygdala, and hippocampus. They are in charge of processing our emotions, determining if we will feel motivated, scared, pleasure, etc.  

The U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that brain scan imaging shows that smells affect people’s brains.

One study showed that aromatic compounds, such as essential oils, used in aromatherapy could alter the mood as well as the cognitive, physical, and psychological states in a person. That is why essential oils can be used to treat stress, anxiety, cancer symptoms.

In 1990, another study showed that peppermint essential oil, when inhaled, could make one feel more alert, focused, and improve concentration. Moreover, science also shows us that this effect is more pronounced than the improvement by eating peppermint is!

Along with peppermint, rosemary essential oil was also shown to bring about memory improvement and increased alertness. According to another Japanese study, increased concentration resulted from workers inhaling lavender essential oil during breaks before going back to work.

Lavender essential oil has also increased the ability in people to solve math problems. They were arriving at the solutions at a much faster rate and their answers were more accurate as compared to the control group. The control group was also slower than the one that inhaled rosemary essential oil. After the oil inhalation, subjects became more alert and solved the problems faster.

Another study found out that it was possible to improve cognitive function in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. The treatment involved was the diffusion of two blends:

  • Lemon and rosemary essential oils (morning)
  • Orange and lavender essential oils (evening)

Another study tested the typing accuracy in subjects smelling different kinds of essential oils. The results showed that lemon essential oil decreased the errors by 54%, jasmine essential oil by 33%, and lavender essential oil by 20%.

Do All Essential Oils Improve Concentration?

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No, they don’t!

There are many different types of essential oils and each has its own characteristics.

Some, like bergamot and eucalyptus, are effective as virus killers but won’t do much good when it comes to improving your powers of concentration. Others like the ones we mention below will help your focus get sharper and result in better concentration.

For instance, think of how many of your memories are associated with certain smells. If your family had picnics on the beach regularly, then the smell of sand and water might remind you of those happy times. The happy hours enjoyed at the beach could mean that every time you inhale that scent, you feel happy.

Your mood might lift or you might calm down when before you had been anxious or worried. The same smell could transform your depression taking it to a point where you feel more positive about life, happy, or content.

Whenever you find yourself alone, a walk on the beach might help you feel less lonely. You might have thought that it is the serenity of the place or the water that makes you feel like that. It could partly be that but a large part of that would also be connected to your sense of smell.

Choosing the Right Essential Oil

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The science of essential oils and the way particular smells can result in specific actions, strike a certain mood in us, or make the environment conducive to a particular emotional state isn’t new. Experts have been doing that for thousands of years, helping improve people’s mental states.

If you are looking to stimulate the mind and improve your focus and concentration, you need to choose the right scent. Only the right blend with essential oils that complement each other will maximize your focus.

No matter which purpose you are using essential oils for, it is always about picking the right one. Aside from the quality of the essential oil, the characteristics are the most important factor determining their effect on you.

Just as in the case of the beach, the mind-sharpening powers of the right essential oils will get you in the right state of mind. As your mind does its best work in the presence of that smell, it will begin building on these experiences. After some time, one whiff of that scent will instantly put you into a productive and focused mindset.

Guru Nanda®’s Focus Blend

Guru Nanda solves this problem for you! They have carefully blended together the right essential oils to come up with this perfect combination. 

Why Is It So Effective?

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The main reasons behind the effectiveness of this blend are its ingredients. Here is a quick look at the constituents that make this blend a winner:

Cedarwood Essential Oil

If you have ever been to a pine forest, then you might already be familiar with this warm, woodsy scent. Opening a bottle of cedarwood essential oil is like taking a step into the forest. Its fragrance will calm down, removing the anxiety that is a big part of why you are unable to concentrate on a task. Then it goes to work on your focus.

One study shows that the use of cedarwood essential oil improved focus in children who had ADHD. Along with cedarwood, other oils, including lavender and vetiver, were also used in this research. It was seen that the cedarwood and vetiver essential oils groups of kids showed 32% improvement in the scores, as well as, behaving better while at home!

Lemon Essential Oil

If you have ever smelled a lemon, then you already the power of its fresh citrusy scent that refreshes us and wakes us up. Science shows this effect is true! Both the studies where inhaling lemon essential oil improved the cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients and the one where it improved the participants’ ability to type without errors show that!

If you are a fan of lemon essential oil, then there is even more good news for you. Aside from helping you focus, it can also be used as stress relief.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is a valuable part of the focus blend because it can improve concentration. More importantly, it can also help bring relief from mental exhaustion. When your brain isn’t as tired anymore, it can be easier to focus on things.

A clinical trial carried out in 2012 showed both to be true. The researchers blended basil, peppermint, and helichrysum essential oils together. They allowed the participants to inhale this combination for three weeks and then tested their states of mental alertness and focus.

Results showed that the blend improved mental alertness by 21%!  If you are a fan of basil essential oil, then you would love to know that it is also a great mood improver!

Orange Essential Oil

When it comes to most kinds of citrus essential oils, most of us love the sweet fruity scents they impart. Inhaling those scents can be a mood booster that makes us smile and chase the blues away. Orange essential oil is no exception. It is extracted from the peel of the fruit.

This study showed that orange essential oil was a great mood booster for patients on antidepressant medications. It decreased the need for them to take the pills! Citrus oils don’t just lift the spirits; they also work as energy boosters. When you inhale their scent, you will begin feeling more focused and productive. They are also a good aid for people who are dealing with psychological issues, such as depression and stress.

Both these mind maladies can result in mental fatigue. There is nothing better than smelling orange essential oil to chase away the exhaustion.

Rosemary Essential Oil

The results of this study will easily explain why rosemary essential oil just had to be a part of the focus blend. According to the report, students scored 5-7% higher on their memory tests when they worked where rosemary essential oil’s fragrance was in the air!

However, according to the researchers involved in this study, this isn’t anything new. After all, rosemary and its effect on memory have been touted for a long time. In fact, Shakespeare himself mentioned it in his play Hamlet: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

Safe Usage

It is true that people have been using essential oils for various purposes for centuries. It is also true that you won’t be able to get the maximum benefits from essential oils if you don’t use them in the right manner. Essential oils are concentrated, which is why you must be careful when using them or the Guru Nanda Focus Oil Blend.

Here are some safe ways to use essential oils:

  • Topically: when using the essential oil blend on your skin, always mix with a Guru Nanda Carrier Oil, such as almond or coconut etc. Never use the oil directly on your skin unless it is a mixture of 1:50.
  • Bathing: You can also add essential oils to your bath water safely. The large amount of water dilutes their effect. 3-8 drops of the focus blend would be enough.
  • Aromatherapy: When you want the blend to start working instantly, you will have to diffuse 3-10 drops in an Essential Oil Diffuser.

It is best to not use essential oils on pets or children. If you want them to enjoy the benefits of the oil, contact an expert on the subject or your doctor. Pregnant women or lactating mothers shouldn’t use essential oils without their doctor’s permission either.

Grab your bottle of Focus Blend from Guru Nanda today!