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Oh My Ach-ing!

Oh My Ach-ing!

How is it that I am able to go go go day after day seeing clients, teaching yoga and so on? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I am a huge fan of GuruNanda essential oils! I love using GuruNanda’s essential oils to support my busy on-the-go lifestyle. 

I especially love GuruNanda’s Calm Muscle Essential Oil Roll-On Blend when I’m out and about and need some extra muscle and joint pain relief. I always reach for this amazing blend because it helps soothe and calm my muscles and occasional stiff neck.

What’s especially cool about this blend is that it comes in a roller ball form. This makes the application quick, easy and drip free. GuruNanda Calm Muscle Essential Oil Roll-On Blend can also be used to help aide with headaches, tension, stress and muscle cramping. The aroma makes it a pleasant choice for both men and women. I love the instant cooling sensation I feel on my muscles, back, neck and shoulders. I even apply it on my jaw if I feel a headache coming on.

GuruNanda’s Calm Muscle Essential Oil Roll-On Blend includes wintergreen essential oil as well as peppermint. Both are known to assist with pain. The aroma is nice and invigorating too! Wintergreen and peppermint have historically been used to help ease tension and aches and pains. This blend is also great for workouts too! I like to apply it on my legs and calves before a walk or hike to bring more circulation to those areas. This helps me release some of the lactic acid build up after a workout too.

For muscle cramping after or during a workout you can make a cooling compress to help ease inflammation. I take an ice pack and a towel and apply GuruNanda Calm Muscle Essential Oil Roll-On Blend to the area and then apply the ice pack. I only leave it on for about 10 minutes and then let the blend just soak in. It helps my muscles feel nice and cool. This feels so good at the end of the day too as a nice soothing ritual to help be feel grounded and balanced.

GuruNanda Essential Oils and products are great for my wellbeing! My secret is out of the bag now!


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