To me the scent of GuruNanda Patchouli Essential Oil is warm and inviting. Its deep enriching fragrance is relaxing and has been known to assist with calming anxious feelings. Long before I learned that most candles were toxic, I used to have patchouli scented candles all over my home. Now that I know better, I use the diffuser to help create an ambiance of warmth and coziness. I also incorporate GuruNanda Patchouli essential oil into my yoga practice.


Energetically, the scent may assist us as we dive deeper into our practice by keeping us grounded while allowing the fluidity of the yoga practice to help relieve tension and release nervous feelings. My students have commented that they feel like they achieved a deeper connection to their heart center and body.

Before you Start your Practice:

    • Simply take one drop of the oil and apply it to your heart center.
    • Take nice long deep inhales and bring your awareness to the parts of your body where you might be experiencing tension.
    • Inhale into that space and as you exhale release that area.
    • Keep this focus on your body and mind and after you feel you have let go of that unwanted energy, begin your yoga practice.

Historically, the use of Patchouli was used primarily in its herb form in ancient Ayurvedic practices. It was also used quite extensively as a natural insect repellant and to keep moths away from garments as they were transported to different countries. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is reported that they used Patchouli for ailments from headaches, nausea, digestion issues, dermatitis and fever.


I love using GuruNanda Patchouli essential oil to keep gnats away from my fruit bowl. I take a glass-misting bottle and add 10 drops of GuruNanda Patchouli and fill the rest of the bottle up with water shake and mist. Not only does my fruit bowl smell amazing, I have gotten rid of those annoying little fruit flies. I have also used it as a natural deodorant and for dry itching skin. I just a drop to GuruNanda sweet almond oil and apply where I need it and as often as needed. Super easy!

Common Possible Uses: This oil may assist with the stinging and itching of insect bites, reduce acne, may help curb appetite, may assist with digestion issues and weight struggles. 

For me it's a household staple to always keep in my bathroom cabinet, kitchen and yoga bag and diffusing it on warm summer nights is “scentually” delicious! 

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