Top 5 DIY Fall Essential Oil Air Fresheners

Why would you want to make your own essential oil air freshener?

When we need a bad smell to go away, many of us reach for the nearest air freshener and start spraying. Do you ever get the feeling like those air fresheners are doing more harm than good?

Some friends and family might leave the room immediately once an air freshener has been sprayed because of allergies and other chemical irritations. With all those impossible-to-pronounce ingredients on the label, it’s no wonder.

Take control of the air you breathe! You can create your own air freshener this Fall using 100% pure and natural essential oils.

What You Need:

1 Glass Spray Bottle

8 Ounces of Distilled Water

40 - 50 Drops of Essential Oil (see below for recommended blends that total 40-50 drops)


    • Combine water and essential oils in an 8-ounce spray bottle.
    • Tighten the cap on the bottle and shake it well before each use.
    • To Use: Spray around the house, and enjoy the aroma!

DIY Essential Oil Air Freshener Blends

Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil

Pumpkin Spice: There’s a familiar smell that fills the air when a fresh pumpkin pie is being made. It turns out, we don’t actually need pumpkins to replicate that unforgettable smell. Check this essential oil blend out:

Fall Morning Feels: For that relaxing feeling you get when you look outside the window and see the orange leaves floating to the ground, try this calming blend:

Sweater Weather: You’ll want to grab your sweater and cuddle up after you spray this one. To create a relaxing fall essential oil blend, try the following blend:

Seasonal Happiness: Ever heard of autumn depression? It’s a thing! To keep the mood light and happy around the house, try the following blend:

Crisp Autumn: This is the smell we’ve been waiting for all summer long, and now, we get to spray it whenever we want. To recreate the unique aroma of a crisp autumn afternoon, try the following blend:

Try out these fall essential oil air fresheners to keep the season alive all year long!

Which one is your favorite?