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What are the Best Essential Oils for Panic Attacks? Plus a Bonus Meditation

What are the Best Essential Oils for Panic Attacks? Plus a Bonus Meditation

Are you searching for natural ways to calm your racing mind?

Do you have debilitating panic attacks when you least expect it?

Essential oils for panic attacks and anxiety could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re struggling with insomnia, intrusive thoughts, or general stress, there are many essential oils for panic attacks and anxiety that may help you feel more at ease, get better sleep, and help you accomplish more in your day.

Essential Oils for Panic Attacks and Anxiety

The best essential oils for anxiety include lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, vetiver, and patchouli. An expert blend of these oils can help calm the mind and makes you more focused and productive. You can also use Guru Nanda oils during meditation to harmonize the mind and body.

Our Calm Mind Roll-On Essential Oil Blend is such a big help for those racing moments for me. Inhaling the combination of relaxing essential oils helps me calm my mind and maintain balance and focus.

When I am feeling balanced and focused, I feel more at ease and more productive throughout my day thanks to these essential oils for anxiety.

What Triggers Cause Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

Exposure to stress on a long-term basis can contribute to the development of anxiety disorders, including panic disorder. Traumatic life events can ignite these conditions.

For example, being involved in a mugging, being involved in an accident, life-threatening experiences or suffering the loss of a loved one.

Perhaps the most useful thing to understand about anxiety is that it can often come from unexpected sources and affect different people in different ways.

Therefore, there is no "cure all" for anxiety. Everyone has different needs, and different strategies work for different people. 

The truth about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is that most people go through a lot of trial and error before they are able to properly deal with the symptoms. 

However, whether you struggle with seasonal anxiety or daily anxiety, please do something about it.  

What is Anxiety Like? 

Living with anxiety is a nightmare through and through, and for some people, it impacts their lives in such a manner that it cripples their ability to go about their daily lives. Generalized anxiety disorder is exceedingly difficult to live with as it can often arise for no clear reason, similar to seasonal anxiety.

A person might just be sitting in class, working a job or even trying to relax, yet their mind might stress about minor details involving friends, family, money, and personal health.

Anxiety takes a toll not only mentally, but it can also manifest itself physically in various ways including panic attacks, loss of appetite, muscle tension, sweating, headaches, and excessive lethargy.

If left unchecked, anxiety can escalate to depression, paranoia, and even lead to other mental issues such as psychosis. While severe cases of anxiety may require the use of medication and therapy, holistic methods such as meditation and aromatherapy can provide support. 

Essential oils have been used for the treatment of various ailments of the body for thousands of years, and when used as part of aromatherapy, they can also significantly alleviate the anxiety that a person feels on a day to day basis.

Anxious Woman

Why Use Essential Oils for Anxiety?

Essential oils have commonly been used in home remedies and beauty applications, but they can also provide a host of different benefits that help relieve anxiety.

Studies have demonstrated that essential oils for anxiety can work in conjunction with your body in a number of different ways to help manage and control the occurrence of anxiety.

One study showcased the benefits of using aromatherapy in conjunction with other modes of relaxation such as meditation or massages. The results have been positive as they demonstrated that aromatherapy plays a larger role in alleviating anxiety.

Moreover, the same study highlighted how essential oils for anxiety impacted the nervous system and the brain chemistry of individuals. The changes brought about by the use of essential oils to control anxiety were more pronounced and occurred in a more positive manner as compared to the changes in the anxiety levels brought about by the use of conventional drugs for the nervous system.

Another interesting fact to note here is that essential oils for anxiety can improve the relationship between your brain and the limbic system that is responsible for controlling the memories and emotions in your brain. Positive smells incur a happier response from the brain as they not only trigger more joyful memories, they tap into the chemical receptors of the brain. The essential oil you use can then boost the production of these chemicals and make a positive impact on the physical and mental health of a person.

With such concrete research regarding the use of essential oils, it has become clear that anyone who suffers from anxiety could benefit from them. The best part is that essential oils are safe for use, and while they don’t promise to be the solution to anxiety, they can help provide relief, especially after a long and trying day.

Woman Very Relaxed After Using Essential Oils for Anxiety

How to Use Essential Oils in a Calming Meditation 


Here’s a quick meditation that often helps me…

Sit in a quiet place, apply Guru Nanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend to your wrist and pulse points. Then, rub your wrists together and inhale three nice, deep breaths.

With your spine straight, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a few longer inhales. As you inhale, concentrate on filling your lungs to the maximum capacity and when you exhale, concentrate on emptying your lungs all the way.

Do this at a nice slow pace.

As you continue to inhale, bring your awareness to the relaxing aroma of Guru Nanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend. After you feel your body and mind in harmony again, take a nice, long, deep inhale of Calm Mind.

Return your mind to the present and get on with your day. Repeat as often as you like.

Another great way that I like to use Guru Nanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend is to pop off the roller ball and put 6 drops of oil on my dryer ball when I am drying my bed sheets. The scent of these essential oils for anxiety is so wonderful as I pull the sheets out of the dryer!


When it’s time to go to sleep and I have that race going through my head again, I do this meditation and focus on my breath and breathe in the relaxing and balancing aroma of the Guru Nanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend.

No more racing thoughts, just a nice peaceful way to drift to sleep.

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