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Essential Oil Blends for Muscle Pain and Aches

Essential Oil Blends for Muscle Pain and Aches

If long office hours are causing you a backache, and medicines and exercises are not helping you, read on....

Here is a backache remedy so unique and effective, it would not only get rid of your backache, it would leave you peaceful, relaxed, and refreshed!

Aromatherapy is a relatively new area of resolving health issues. It uses essential oils to help your body recover from pain and stress and leaves your body vitalized and fresh.

Combining the following essential oil blends to your yoga routine is the perfect way to get rid of the backaches that leave you incapable of enjoying your evenings and keeps you restless.

1. "Millennia" Blend

The first blend “millennia” is a specifically designed blend for backaches. It aligns and balances your body especially your back, and energizes your body. The scent of this essential oil blend is appealing and perfect for both men and women.

The blend calms and relaxes your tightened back muscles and lowers inflammation if any and soothes the ligaments attached to the spine. Because it is so good at what it does, the oil blend is now vastly called “chiropractor in a bottle” as it helps the movement and the benefits last long. These essential oils are not harmful and do not need to be diluted.

You could apply the oil yourself by simply sprinkling 6 drops down your back and massaging them in the best possible way with your hand on the upper back and the thumb nail, knuckles or fingers on the lower back.

2. "Tendacare" Blend

“Tendacare” is another blend which is perfect for warming up and relaxing your back muscles before exercise. This is a light blend with a fragrance which is spicy, and has a cooling after effect.

You should dilute it with water before you use it though. You could use 5 to 6 drops of undiluted oil blend and can also use carrier oil if the blend gets too hot and bothers you.

If using a blend is not to your liking, you could always use single essential oils like ginger, lavender, spruce, peppermint, and basil. All these essential oils have properties which may help you get rid of all your nasty backaches. Make sure that you dilute these single oils with birch or wintergreen.


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