5 Ways to Overcome School Issues Using Essential Oils for Kids

5 Ways to Overcome School Issues Using Essential Oils for Kids

It’d be fantastic if every child loved school and couldn’t imagine life without it. But the truth is, many kids don’t look forward to school at all.

There are five school issues that almost every kid deals with to some degree.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Insomnia
  3. Moodiness
  4. Lack of Focus
  5. Immunity

However, you can help overcome these school issues by using basic parenting techniques and essential oils for kids.

Relieving Anxiety

anxious child before school

Some of us are still dealing with chronic anxiety as adults, but at least we understand it and are capable of dealing with it to some extent. When children experience anxiety, it’s difficult for them to make sense of it. It can be especially frustrating for both the child and the parents if the parents don’t understand how anxiety works either. Understanding anxiety is the first step.  

You don’t have to be helpless when your child is distressed by anxiety. To truly help your child, start by learning about anxiety, the forms it can take, and how you can help your child cope with it. Meditation, music, diet changes, and therapy are a few ways to help relieve anxiety.

Try using essential oils to help your child calm down. Remember that essential oils are concentrated and should be diluted down to a 1% dilution rate to make them safe for children. Several essential oils are known to help calm anxiety. For example, Lavender, Vetiver, Petitgrain, Orange, and Patchouli essential oils have all been shown to help alleviate anxiety. These essential oils, along with Vanilla and Roman Chamomile, are ready to go in a pre-diluted roll-on here.

Treating Insomnia

insomnia kids on their tablet instead of sleeping

Insomnia can become devastating for a child. Before jumping into any treatments, try taking care of the basics first. Assess what factors might be causing the child’s insomnia. For example, some kids AND adults suffer from insomnia simply because of not eating right. Many children skip over breakfast, lunch, and eat a small portion at dinner. Others eat a massive dinner and go to bed with a full stomach, which takes hours to digest.

Another cause of insomnia is the lack of a consistent sleeping pattern. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time can work wonders for getting to sleep, but many kids are not consistent with their sleeping habits. Another issue is that children enjoy playing video games and using their phone when it’s time for bed. This is a disaster for sleep. Not only is the phone’s screen harsh on the child’s eyes, but the child is also receiving mental stimuli that can keep them up for hours.  

As long as the basics are covered, using essential oils for kids is an effective natural way to help kids get to sleep. Some of the most effective essential oils for sleeping are Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Orange, and Marjoram. GuruNanda carries both a kids’ essential oil blend for diffusion as well as a pre-diluted roll-on with precisely those ingredients, plus Roman Chamomile. If you use essential oils that are not pre-diluted, always make sure they are properly diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil at a 1% dilution rate to make them safe for children before applying.

Improving Mood

grumpy child refused to eat

Grumpiness is one of the more annoying back to school issues, especially in the morning. They “don’t wanna go,” they “don’t feel like it,” and they’re “too tired.”

Just like every other condition, it’s important to assess why your child might be experiencing mood swings or grumpiness. Look for obvious clues like what time they went to bed the night before, what kind of foods they’re eating, how much exercise they’re getting, and what kinds of experiences they’re having on a daily basis.

Sometimes, kids just need a little essential oil love. Three essential oils for kids that can help lift anyone’s mood are Lavender, Patchouli, and Sweet Orange. Try placing five drops of each in an ultrasonic diffuser, and watch their mood change.

Enhancing Focus

child overwhelmed and can't focus    

Some kids thrive when it comes to school; they get top-notch grades, memorize information, pass tests with flying colors, but that’s a minority of kids. Most kids struggle with these tasks as they require a high level of focus.

It’s important to note that focus is a trainable skill. It also varies depending on the environment. Start by assessing why your child might be having trouble focusing. It could be diet, sleeping patterns or a lack of interest. Many of these school issues can be helped along by having the child play brain games, remove distractions (yes, that includes the phone), eat healthy foods, maintain consistent routines, and get proper sleep!

Essential oils are renowned for their ability to shift one’s mood and increase focus. In fact, Rosemary Essential Oil is being diffused to help me focus on writing this article right now! There is also a Focus Essential Oil Blend and a set of 4 essential oils called “Study Time” that can help kids focus on their school work. For optimal effect, try diffusing these essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser.  

Boosting Immunity

child sick in store aisle with mother

This is one of the school issues that we can be fairly certain our kids will deal with. It’s inevitable that someday, one of our kids will come home from school with a disease that nobody else at home has (at least until a day or two later due to contagion). This is natural because a child’s immune system is inexperienced.

Like all the other school issues we’ve mentioned, there are ways to help boost a child’s immunity that every parent should consider. Many children don’t eat the proper foods to keep their immune system kicking such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy protein. These foods are skipped over by some kids even though they are crucial to health and development. To help kids boost their immune system, check to make sure they’re getting proper sleep and exercise.

Essential oils also offer therapeutic properties that can help kids boost their immune systems. Frankincense, Helichrysum, and Lemon Essential Oils are favorites among parents who want to help strengthen their child’s immune system. Always be sure to diffuse these oils or dilute them in a carrier oil at a 1% dilution rate. Another powerful option is Thrive Essential Oil Blend, which consists of essential oils specifically chosen for their immunity boosting properties.

Final Thoughts

School issues seem to come with the territory for kids. We all had to face these problems at some point in our lives. We’re so fortunate to live in a time when we can find out almost anything about taking care of our kids by researching online. As a practice, it’s highly recommended that we provide our children with a strong internal foundation so that they are better able to deal with everyday life. If everything else is in place, try using essential oils to help your kids along. Essential oils for kids have been shown to be highly effective at combating these inevitable school troubles. At GuruNanda, we believe in aromatherapy as the first line of defense!

What is your favorite way to help kids deal with school issues?