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How Oil Pulling Works

How Oil Pulling Works

Did you know that there are several toxins and bacteria that are inside the mouth and are responsible for making us fall ill and sick with infections?

How Oil Pulling Works

Oil Pulling Works by pulling in or drawing out these bacteria hiding in your gums and corners of the mouth that are missed out by your tooth brush or mouthwash.  All these small crevices and tubules between the teeth are perfect hiding spots for all bacteria and are hard to get. Your saliva and the oil work together to pull out the toxins, making your mouth and teeth healthy. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and if it's healthy and clean, no bacteria will enter the body. Hence reducing your chances of falling sick.

Oral Hygiene

According to several researches, majority of the diseases and bacterial ailments are almost always linked to oral hygiene. It is hence necessary to maintain your oral health. If your mouth and gums are in good condition, your blood streams remain inaccessible for the bacteria to enter, ensuring your health. This doesn't mean to avoid the dentist altogether, but oil pulling will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Original Technique of Oil Pulling

The original technique of oil pulling includes the use of unrefined sunflower or sesame seed oil, but studies have indicated that coconut has more benefits than the conventional use of oil. Organic cold-pressed, virgin or extra virgin oils are easily available in the market and are offering a number of more benefits than sesame oil. For instance, other than oral health and detoxification of your body, coconut also provides moisture to your skin, it is good for your hair and it could be used as an excellent teeth whitener.

So try it out for yourself and recommend to others around you to switch sesame seed oil with coconut oil and enjoy the added benefits!

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