Gurunanda Blog  DIY Recipes — Diffuser Blends

Bye Bye Odor Diffuser Blend

Many people have been asking about how to get rid of stinky, unwanted odors around the home. We have come...

Restore & Revive Diffuser Blend

Everyone has those days when they're feeling low and need a little boost. With the invigorating aroma of Peppermint Essential...

Bug Out Diffuser Blend

Creepy crawlies have always been irritants and can sometimes be vectors of disease. This Bug Out Blend is a combination...

Unwind & Relax Diffuser Blend

Great sleep begins before your head hits the pillow. This combination of Lavender oil and Cedarwood oil will promote relaxation and decrease...

Brainy Revival Diffuser Blend

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee the stimulate and brighten your brain, try diffusing this revitalizing blend of...

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