Can We Use Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight Loss?

Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of my most favorite essential oils for weight loss. It's fresh, citrus aroma is uplifting, energizing and balancing all at the same time.

As an added bonus, it can also assist in losing unwanted pounds!

Grapefruits have been associated with diet fads for many years, so this is not a novel idea, but we have researched the benefits of the grapefruit essential oil to have just as many benefits and uses to aid weight loss. We recommend the use of grapefruit oil in addition to regular exercise and 6-8 glasses of water intake.

Historically, a grapefruit has been known to have grown from an experimental cross between a pomelo and an orange. Some say it originated in the Far East, others say in the Mediterranean, and still others claim it was crossbred in the Barbados. Whatever the case, we have some ingenious farmers to thank for this delicious fruit!

Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil is loaded with antioxidants, so it can be beneficial to use Grapefruit Oil when you are looking to give your immune system a quick boost because it can help clear out the toxins in the lymphatic system. It can also assist oily skin types by reducing excessive sebum production, thereby reducing signs of acne.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is also helpful in assisting with stress related challenges. By simply just inhaling the oil, you can feel refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated. 

Weight Loss Diffusion

To assist with weight loss, I, personally, add 2 to 4 drops of my GuruNanda Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil to about 8-10 ounces of water, and sip on it before each meal to help me reduce my cravings. I don't recommend this for everyone because some people are more sensitive to essential oils, so just to be safe, I suggest diffusing the grapefruit essential oil in a kitchen while the food is being prepared, so your cravings go down, but you also don't fill up with grapefruit and water. And voila, you can enjoy your meal without feeling the need to overeat.

The Mighty Grapefruit Wrap Technique

The cling wrap is used to wrap around your legs, thighs and stomach and anywhere else you want eliminate unwanted pounds and cellulite. Apply the GuruNanda Grapefruit Essential Oil and then wrap the area with cling wrap. 

Note: For the ladies, I suggest you don’t use just after shaving or waxing because it can cause irritation and a stinging sensation. Remember to always drink a lot of water to help flush out the toxins.

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