10 Health Benefits of Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil

Basil is an aromatic herb that originated from India, and is popularly known among the natives by the name, Tulsi. The potent and highly beneficial herb has also earned the nickname “Queen of herbs” because of its unique and incomparable properties. Basil Essential oil is a powerful essential oil with an herbaceous-minty fragrance that instantly help sharpen and clear the head, and even helps relax the nerves.

Facts About Basil

Basil is packed with rich compounds and highly beneficial properties, and is used for a number of treatments and health conditions. In addition to India, Basil also grows wildly and in large amounts all across Europe. Whereas Basil is considered the queen of herbs in India, in Greek, the word Basil is derived from “Basilikón phutón” meaning “kingly plant” or “royal”, because of its place of origin and growth.

This herb is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. It is also rich in manganese, and has high antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

History of Basil Oil

The herb Basil originated from the Pacific Island and tropical Asia, but once its medicinal benefits were discovered and became known, it began to be grown throughout the USA and Europe.

In India, this herb is holy to people of the Hindu faith and is considered sacred to gods, Krishna and Vishnu. As a religious tradition, people chew Basil leaves before partaking in religious ceremonies. Another tradition is placing the Basil leaf on the chest of a person. Basil’s usage is also common in China for use in Ayurverdic treatments and other traditional Chinese medicines.  

Basil essential oil is extracted by means of steam distillation from the leaves and flowering tops.  Following are the chemical compounds found in Basil oil:

  • A-Pinene
  • Camphene
  • B-Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Cis-Ocimene
  • Camphor
  • Linalool
  • Methyl Chavicol
  • Y-Terpineol
  • Citronellol
  • Geraniol
  • Methyl Cinnamate
  • Eugenol

All these properties have given Basil oil some great health benefits. Let's discover what these benefits are.

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10 Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

#1 Helps Relieve Stress

Basil essential oil is calming in nature and a natural relaxant oil. Whether inhaled, or applied topically, this essential oil may help ease discomforts from migraines, nervous tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mental strain, and other mental conditions. This essential oil has a refreshing effect on a person. Because of its positive effect on a person’s nerves, it is used widely in aromatherapy. Those who make this essential oil a daily part of their lives achieve strong mental strength and clarity.

Studies suggest that Basil essential oil is a herbal energetic with adaptogenic properties. This property allows a body to adapt to conditions such as stress and depression. As a result, the body begins to consider the effects as something normal and stops reacting negatively to it.

In addition, Basil Essential Oil also reduced blood sugar levels, which may be extremely harmful at high levels.

How to use Basil Oil for Calming Effects

In order to get a calming effect from the use of Basil oil, here’s what you can do at home:

Make a cup of iced tea and add 1-2 drops of basil essential oil and peppermint essential oil in it. Enjoy a calm and relaxing day at home or work.

#2 Helps Purify Blood

Toxins in our bodies are extremely harmful as they lead to contraction of various diseases if left in the body. Internal use of Basil oil flushes out toxins from the blood and prevents acne and outbreaks on skin.

#3 Helps Relieve Itchy Skin

Basil essential oil includes chemical compounds such as eugenol, citronella, and linalool. These compounds are effective in hindering enzymes and consequently help reduce inflammation.

Basil essential oil may be useful for relieving itches topically as well. Stings by honey bees, insects, and snakes may be soothed with the application of Basil essential oil.

#4 May Ease Body Discomforts

Basil oil is a natural analgesic and helps provide utmost relief from discomforts. It can be used to make life easier for arthritis patients. It can also be used to relief the discomforts caused by burns, wounds, bruises, injuries, scars, headaches, post-surgery wounds, sprains etc.

#6 Helps Promote Healthy Skin

The cure for cancer might not have been discovered so far, but the means of preventing it have existed for ages. Research conducted by Research and Development department of Father Muller Medical College, in Mangalore, India, discovered that Basil essential oil contains phytochemicals. This compound may be naturally preventative. This too was proved in studies when the use of Basil oil positively protected healthy cells and normal tissues through selective fortification.

Basil oil also helps in slowing down and sometimes stopping the spread of malignant cells. Use of Basil oil internally may increase the antioxidant activity and even end up altering the gene expression. In studies, harmful cells were killed, but this essential oil SHOULD NOT be consumed internally without proper guidance from a trained physician.

While no one can definitely proclaim that Basil oil is a cure for cancer due to lack of adequate research, results of the investigations conducted reveal that Basil and its oil is very useful as supplement to traditional forms of medical treatments.

#7 May Be Used As A Muscle Relaxant

Basil oil’s relaxing proprieties are not only limited to mental and emotional conditions, but also extends to muscles. When suffering from fatigue, aching muscles, sore muscle, or muscle pains, a regular massage using Basil oil cam do wonders to help you recover. Both, Healthy Focus and Paincare vouch for Basil as a muscle relaxant.

All you need to do is mix Basil oil and coconut oil and pour the mixture in your palm. Then rub your palms on the swollen and affected muscle or joint gently. Massage daily and you’ll feel the pain alleviating. For added effect, you can also take a bath in warm water with Epsom salt, Basil oil and lavender oil.

#8 Mood Enhancer

When feeling dull and grey, take a whiff of Basil oil’s aroma and become a lot more productive. Basil essential oil is a natural stimulant and helps targets the nervous system and adrenal cortex when inhaled. As a result, it may make a person more mentally alert and restore strength and energy. Moreover, it even clears the mind and acts to reduce the symptoms of brain fog. Whenever you are feeling sluggish, or mentally and physically fatigued, pour a few drops of Basil oil in an essential oil diffuser, sit back and let Basil oil’s aroma soothe you. This stimulant is so strong that it may even soothe tiredness entirely. For faster results, Basil essential oil can also be dabbed on your back, wrists, and chest.

#9 May Have Anti-microbial properties

As a result of years of usage, and research, Basil essential oil may finally be known to have antimicrobial properties. While this does not bring a direct health benefit, it does however protect us indirectly. When used in kitchen and food storage areas to remove bacteria and other harmful microbes, Basil oil may help ensure good health and prevention of diseases.

It can also be used in the most contaminated part of the house – your bathroom. Basil oil helps purifies the air in the house and makes sure that the inhabitants are breathing clean air and consuming safer food. We may use Basil oil for its antimicrobial properties by diffusing the oil or by spraying it on surfaces using a DIY spray bottle.

#10 Helps Ease Earache

Basil essential oil may be effective to soothe earaches. Pour a few drops of Basil essential oil and three drops of carrier oil and massage the area around and inside your ear gently. You may also dab a cotton swab in Basil oil and place it over your ear.

Word of caution, don’t let it get inside your ear.

Correct Usage of Basil Essential Oil

Following are the three ways to use Basil oil correctly:

Use Basil Oil for Aromatically

As mentioned above, Basil oil’s aroma can be used for a number of health benefits. Therefore it can be diffused throughout the house with the help of an oil diffuser or a vaporizer. It can also be inhaled directly from the essential oil’s bottle but that would be unconventional and less effective. In urgency, a few drops of Basil oil can also poured on the palm and then placed on the face to inhale deeply.  

Use Basil Oil for Topically

Diluted form of Basil oil can be applied alongside a carrier oil like coconut’s, in an equal ratio. Once mixed, apply it directly on the skin using your palms or fingers. Basil oil is potent hence it is advisable to start slowly, several drops at a time. Make sure to conduct a patch test before application and wait at least 24-hours to test the reaction.  

Use Basil Oil for Internally

The Food and Drug Administration has declared Basil Essential Oil safe for ingestion, but only the ones that are 100% tested, approved, and of therapeutic-grade. Make sure to make your purchase with a trusted and reputed seller and, read the ingredients carefully before intake. It can either be consumed directly, or mixed with raw honey, water or a few drops in a smoothie.

Possible Side Effects When Using Basil Oil

Basil essential oil has no major or noted side effects. However, this essential oil is potent in nature and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of the precautionary measures to be taken:

  • Basil oil is said to increase milk flow in lactating mothers, but due to lack of research, it is suggested that breastfeeding and nursing women avoid it all costs.
  • Pregnant women should not use Basil in any form, since it is noted to have an impact on the hormonal levels and may affect nerve or muscle functioning.  
  • Basil oil can affect nerves; therefore people with epilepsy should also not consume Basil.
  • Everyone should conduct a patch test on a part of feet or forearm and wait for at least 24-hours before coming to any conclusions. Use Basil oil only when there are no reactions.  
  • Keep Basil oil away from your eyes and ears.
  • Some people may experience low blood sugar with the consumption of Basil oil.
  • Children should avoid usage of Basil oil
  • Large intake of Basil oil can be harmful and can cause liver cancer.
  • Basil oil should be avoided at a month before, during, and immediately after a surgery. Basil oil slows down blood clotting and can increase the flow of bleeding.

Basil oil is among the top most beneficial essential oil in the world and can become a daily part of life to treat as simple ailments as headaches, earaches, migraine, upset stomach, nausea, infections and various others conditions.

Basil essential oil can also be used as a general health improvement medicine by using it in baths and in diffuses and a daily health regime. Just make sure to be careful of the side effects and conduct patch test before busing in any part of the body.

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