Keep Your Cool with Peppermint | GuruNanda Essential Oils

GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil is my go-to oil to keep “cool”. This oil is refreshing and naturally invigorating! It helps to reduce my body temperature in just minutes.

I love to add a couple of drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to my unscented lotion in the summer to instantly cool down and re-energize. The cooling effect is fast and lasts for a long time.

Peppermint is commonly used in toothpaste, breath mints, and mouthwashes, but did you know that you can also use Peppermint Essential Oil to assist with headaches, digestion challenges, and hot flashes, too?

Historically, Peppermint has been used for everything from naturally deterring rodents to using it as a flavoring for cooking your favorite meals. Peppermint is considerably more potent in its concentrated form. One drop of our GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil has the potency of approximately 28 cups of peppermint tea. So a word to the wise, less is more when it comes to peppermint.

Use Peppermint Oil To Cool Your Body Down

To cool my body down after a day out in the sun, I use GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil. I take one drop of GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil and ¼ teaspoon of GuruNanda® Fractionated Coconut Oil or GuruNanda® Sweet Almond Oil, mix the oils together in the palms of my hands and apply them to the back of my neck. Then, I breathe in deeply.

When the weather is hot, I add a drop of peppermint essential oil to my unscented lotion, and apply the mixture all over my arms and legs. I also really like the invigorating and refreshing feeling it gives me. It is a great oil to use as a natural “pick me up” before a meeting when I need to feel alert and focused.

Peppermint Oil Fights Common Digestion Challenges

For assisting with everyday common digestion challenges, I put one drop of GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil into either the GuruNanda® Fractionated Coconut Oil or GuruNanda® Sweet Almond Oil and apply it lightly to my abdomen. It helps relieve my upset stomach right away. If my stomach discomfort hasn’t gone completely away, I simply reapply the mixture every hour or so until I find relief.

When I get the occasional tension headache, I put one drop of GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil into 10 drops of a carrier oil, either the Fractionated Coconut Oil or the Sweet Almond Oil, and rub the oils into my temples, breathing in the cooling aroma.

Take caution, headache symptoms could be a sign of something more serious going on in your body, so it’s best to always check in with your doctor. Also, essential oils are not to be used in the ears, up the nose, in your eyes or any other sensitive areas.

Peppermint Oil as a Natural Deterrent

I’m also not a fan of spiders and crawly critters, so I made a natural deterrent that won’t harm these insects, but still keeps them from entering my home. I picked up a spray bottle from my local hardware store that holds 20 ounces of water, and added ten drops of GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil around the windows. You can use this as often as you like, and it’s also great for your home garden as well. It deters bugs from eating your herbs, fruits, and veggies before you do!

I could go on and on about all of the GuruNanda® Peppermint Essential Oil uses and benefits! It’s easy to incorporate GuruNanda peppermint essential oil into your daily routine, so get your “cool” on and pick up yours today!

GuruNanda Testing Standards:

Every batch of GuruNanda Peppermint Essential Oil is put through rigorous QC procedures. We use the highest level of testing available for essential oil, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing. This ensures that all Peppermint Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural, do not contain synthetic or adulterated materials, and have the correct aroma and appearance. No synthetics or additives, and always Non-GMO!

Beware: Due to growing demand, several competitor companies are finding ways to adulterate essential oils and sell at a cheaper price. They use synthetic fragrances that might smell nice but have zero therapeutic value and can be potentially harmful. Research thoroughly before purchasing any oils. If available, check the labels for 100% pure and natural essential oils before purchasing the product, and be sure the correct botanical name is written in accordance with the labelling standards.

Advice: We source our oils from various parts of the world with all different soil conditions, air temperature, light exposure, and moisture levels, so we suggest storing your oils in an amber bottle at any cool and dry location with minimum sun exposure to protect and preserve your oil.

To ensure sure you do not end up using fake oils, only buy essential oils from the company that provides GC-MS testing for each of their essential oils. Some companies do not regulate their oils, but getting a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) test done is the best way to check the authenticity and therapeutic properties of essential oils.