Mind Racing?

Ever have those days when your mind just feels like it’s in a Nascar race going around the track? Things just keep racing in your head around and around and around. Perhaps feeling like you are just going from one thing to the next without ever really getting anything accomplished?

 Calm Mind Roll-On Essential Oil Blend is such a big help for those racing moments for me. Inhaling the combination of lavender Essential Oil, frankincense Essential Oil, basil essential oil, Himalayan cedarwood Essential Oil and lemongrass Essential Oil help me to calm my mind, balance and focus. When I am feeling balanced and focused I feel more at ease and more productive throughout my day.


Here’s a quick meditation that often helps me that maybe you can try… Sit in quiet place, apply GuruNanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend to your wrist points and rub them together and inhale three nice big breaths. With your spine straight, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take nice long deep inhales. As you inhale, concentrate on filling your lungs to the maximum capacity and as you exhale concentrate on emptying your lungs all the way. Do this at a nice slow pace. As you continue to inhale, bring your awareness to the relaxing aroma of GuruNanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend. After you feel your body and mind in harmony again, take a nice long deep inhale of Calm Mind, return to the present and get on with your day. Repeat as often as you like.

 Another great way that I like to use GuruNanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend. is to pop off the roller ball and put 6 drops on my dryer ball when I am drying my bed sheets. The scent is so wonderful as I pull the sheets out of the dryer! When it’s time to go to sleep and I have that race going through my head again I do the meditation and focus on my breath and breathe in the relaxing and balancing aromatherapy of GuruNanda Calm Mind Essential Oil Roll-On Blend that is on my wrist points and scented in my sheets. No more racing, just a nice peaceful way to drift to sleep.

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