DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

You can use essential oil to clean your Yoga mat

Clean your yoga mat and keep it smelling fresh with GuruNanda’s Thrive Essential Oil Blend. I travel with my mat just about everywhere. The park, the beach, you name it, I have been there, rolled that! I depend on Thrive Essential Oil Blend to help me keep my mat squeaky clean.

Every time we roll out our mats we are picking up whatever was left on the floor before we got there. There’s dirt, someone else’s sweat, pet dander and more and if you’re like me, I put my body, hands, feet and even my face on my mat so it’s important to me to keep it clean.

DIY: Yoga Mat Cleaner

  • 4 oz. spray bottle
  • distilled or spring water (3/4 of spray bottle)
  • 3 drops GuruNanda’s Thrive Oil Blend
  • Optional: Witch hazel or white vinegar (fill 1/4 of spray bottle)