Why Do We Celebrate International Yoga Day?

International Yoga Day is here! It seems like there is a designated day for everything under the sun now. What’s so special about yoga that it deserves its own day?

Sadhguru answered this question well when he spoke at International Yoga Day in 2016.

“Two billion people around the world practice yoga, fundamentally, because it works. Every human being can have a pleasant and peaceful life experience if they fix themselves from the inside. And while it is true that one might not be able to teach yoga lessons in a war zone, war itself is a manifestation of what is happening in human minds. So we can’t start with the outside, we have to start inside.”

-Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation

International Yoga Day is About Remembering Ourselves

Who am I? It’s a worthwhile question. Some of us spend so much time adhering to the desires of others that we forget about ourselves. We’re too distracted and busy to remember ourselves. It’s all about the next thing we have to do or what others are expecting from us.

International Yoga Day is an opportunity to take time out for ourselves. Yoga is a very personal experience, and with how crazy modern life can get, we need it! It’s a moment of silence for our own existence. It’s a matter of self-respect and self-love. You deserve it.

When speaking about the personal experience of yoga, entrepreneur Sue Krebs said: “It is in that quiet place at our center that we hear the whispers of our soul.”

International Yoga Day is About Connecting With Others

This is the age of distraction. We’re distracted, our family is distracted, our co-workers are distracted, and everybody else is too. Some of us barely take enough time to put our phones down and have a purely human conversation anymore.

International Yoga Day is a day for coming together. It’s not a day to try to beat your friend’s best score on your favorite mobile game. It’s a personal experience, shared with others. What’s more rewarding than expressing yourself positively and sharing your journey with others?

International Yoga Day is About Good Health

The whole of human health can’t be defined by a singular school of thought. As human beings, there’s so much more to our health than working out and eating right. Our minds and bodies beg us for more.

Here’s a short list of yoga’s health benefits:

  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved respiratory system
  • Protection from injury
  • Better stress management
  • Sharper concentration
  • Clearer thinking

That’s an extremely short list. Yoga’s physiological and psychological benefits are continuing to be documented in countless studies across the globe. Awareness about yoga’s benefits is continuing to spread. We’re at the point where even some medical doctors prescribe yoga. International Yoga Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate good health while enjoying ourselves and others.


International Yoga Day is a genuine opportunity to have a meaningful celebration. Yet it’s so much more than a celebration. Anything can be celebrated, but yoga helps us to remember ourselves, connect with others, and celebrate good health.

What other international celebration day does that for us?