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Five Mandalas of Essential Oils

Five Mandalas of Essential Oils

The Mandala is a symbol that represents

The Universe 
The Self 
Transcendent Wisdom 

The Mandala has been used throughout the ages as a spiritual guidance tool, and continues to be a relevant symbol that connects us with the great beyond.  

on each Mandala to discover the essential oils for each benefit.

Guru Nanda - Five Mandalas - Balance Collection

Life is often a balancing act. These essential oils can help you tap into your vital life energy and guide you to your spiritual and emotional center. 


The essential oils in this category can help to refresh the mind and ready your body for action. They’re often used to get the day started and get in the zone!

Guru Nanda - Five Mandalas - Heal Collection

This Mandala represents healing. These essential oils have been used for thousands of years as a means to help the mind, body, and soul. 


This mandala represents purity. Essential oils in this category have been used to help cleanse oneself, renew the spirit, and they mostly contain refreshing scents.


The various shades of lavender in this Mandala represent deep relaxation and tranquility. Use these essential oils at home or in the office for feelings of relaxation anytime.