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Kapha people have a combination of the Water and Earth Elements and are very pleasing to be around. They are not easily angered, and are able to maintain their composure most days. Though they have a slow learning style, Kapha-dominant people have excellent long-term memory and retain information for long periods of time. By nature, they are very tolerant, loving, forgiving, and peaceful. They are deeply spiritual or faithful, and love giving out hugs.

Kapha people have soft, smooth skin and long, thick lustrous hair. Their eyes are large, dark, and attractive with long thick lashes and brows. They are bless with a strong, well-developed athletic build that allows them to show-off their broad chest and strong muscles. They have larger body frame with a greater bone density, so they tend to gain weight quickly and sometimes find it difficult to lose it because of their high water retention and reluctance to work out. This makes them feel heavy and bloated often. They value their sleep more than anything else, and do not wake up until they feel well-rested with eight or nine hours of sleep.

Kapha-types have a sweet tooth that love to indulge in sugary treats any time of the day. They are generally attracted to sweet, salty, and oily foods, but should avoid them because they can contribute to water retention and weight gain. Still, because of their slow metabolic rate, Kapha people who maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle generally enjoy a long, healthy life-- typically longer than the other two dosha types, who tend to "burn out" more quickly.

They are usually very grounded and stable individuals, who prefer to work hard and invest in their future. They are good at saving money and spending little on extravagances, except good wine, and aged cheese platters. Kapha-aggravating foods, like watermelon, sugary fruits like bananas, desserts, and other dairy products, should be avoided. These items all increase Kapha and prevent Kapha-dominant types from living a balanced lifestyle.