Blended Family - Essential Oil Set (Pack of 10)
Blended Family - Essential Oil Set (Pack of 10)

Blended Family Essential Oil Set (Pack of 10)

Laboratory tested
From farm to you
100% pure and natural
Breathe Easy
Calming Sleep
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Blended Family - The Ultimate Essential Oil Blends Gift Set

Here at GuruNanda we work tirelessly to bring you the best blends available, and now we have this perfect gift set that includes ALL of GuruNanda Signature Blends.

Gift Set Breakdown

  1. HARMONY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps calm, relax, and comfort...
  2. BREATHE EASY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps clear congestion and breathe better...
  3. INVIGORATE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps refresh and energize..
  4. RELAXATION ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Promotes shooting and calming sensation...
  5. FOCUS ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps concentrate and focus...
  6. TRANQUILITY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Promotes calming, relaxing, and comforting sensations...
  7. CALMING SLEEP ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps soothe, relax, calm, and improve sleep time...
  8. SLIM ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps boost metabolism, energize, and manage craving...
  9. REFRESH ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Promotes cleansing, energizing, and soothing sensations...
  10. THRIVE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND - Helps purify, energize, and boost immunity...


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