Pulling Oil Oral Detox Oil Refreshing Ayurvedic Blend, 8.45 fl. oz


About the Product

  • Our Pulling oil mouthwash is based on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic holistic medicine to help "pull" bacteria and harmful toxins out of the body as a mouthwash. GuruNanda has found the perfectly balanced blend of pure, refreshing oils long known for their extraordinary health, beauty and wellness benefits.
  • GuruNandas Ayurvedic Holistic Pulling Oil Oral Detox Blend mouthwash is pure with only all-natural and organic ingredients. Alcohol-free and fluoride-free without artificial flavors, additives, preservatives or colors or pesticides. Non-GMO. Never tested on animals, and is Made in the USA.
  • As an oil pulling mouthwash, in addition to purifying your body of toxins to be healthier, the results of the detoxification increase your body's ability to lose weight. The pulling oil washes away harmful toxins and harmful microbes. Plus, improve your Dosha balance of Mood, concentration and Focus.
  • GuruNandas Ayurvedic Pulling Oil Oral Detox Blend is a one of a kind pulling mouthwash due to its secrete blend; pulling oil helps with teeth whitening, plaque and healthy gums. The special holistic blend has the following oils: coconut, sesame, sunflower and peppermint.
  • Use GuruNandas holistic pulling oil for: proper digestion, weight loss, healthier teeth and gums; plus better breath, stops dry mouth; also known for creating thicker, more lustrous hair and clearer, more radiant skin.

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