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New! Natural Mist 2.0 Waterless Diffuser


New & Improved! The Natural Mist 2.0 Waterless Wall Plug-In Diffuser covers 100 sq. ft and mist up to 4 weeks when using  a Guru Nanda 30 ml essential oil bottle. No water necessary. When plugged in and the power button is pressed, the unit will run for 8 hours and then sleep for 16 hours. 

Guru Nanda waterless diffusers use advanced nebulizing technology so you can get the purest diffusion of your essential oils. Nebulizing technology uses a pressurized air stream to break down the essential oils into micro-sized particles and diffuse them into the air. Since no water is used, nebulizing technology maximizes the therapeutic effects of essential oils without adding moisture or affecting the purity of the essential oils. 


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