From Farm To You

Over 138 Essential Oils sourced from 6 continents.

Essential oils sourced from over 40 different global locations, to provide the best quality product by cutting out the middleman and actually remaining true to our cause of helping our community. Through Gurunanda's global network of distilleries, farms, and essential oil producers, we're able to supply 100% pure and natural essential oils straight From Farm To You.

We want to make sure that whatever we say, is true. This is what drives us to source our products straight from their true origins. By traveling from farm to farm, we're able to understand how the whole process takes place, from the best agricultural land to various distillation processes. The essential oils we supply are pure and natural. Everything we do is from Farm To You.


Vetiver is considered a grounding, thick base note with a woodsy scent. Its primary chemical, benzoic acid, has been used to treat skin irritation, inflammation, and fungal infections.

Cool down and refresh. Peppermint has an uplifting, minty scent that promotes awareness and helps relieve mental and physical fatigue.